I remember I took my son to the San Francisco Giants baseball game. He was much younger then. There were roughly 45,000 fans at the game. It was a great day and a great game. But I had my eyes on him a lot. Making sure he was next to me. I never left him alone. My attention was in him. I was vigilant, attentive to his every move.

There are times in our lives that we are much more attentive and vigilant than others. I must admit that there are way to many times that I am to relaxed in my walk with Christ. I can read tomorrow or I can pray tomorrow, I can praise God tomorrow or do this or that tomorrow. Not very attentive or vigilant in my walk with Christ.

Paul in this verse is telling you and I that when we pray we are to be watchful. We are to be attentive. You and I are to be vigilant. But what are we to be watchful, and attentive in.

He answers that with the word thanksgiving. With gratitude, with thankfulness.

So what are we to be thankful for. Well in short everything. Just as we are to pray for everything, we also need to be thankful for everything.

First let’s be thankful that we can pray to begin with. Thankful to Christ that because of his death the way into the throne room is open wide. The veil has been torn. You and I can pray anytime of the day with full access to God the father himself.

Secondly that we would be gracious thankful people because God in his mercy has forgiven us past, present, and future sins. We are completely forgiven in Christ. All our sin has been washed away.
Third you and I should be thankful in the good times. Our prayers should be attentive when life is good. When everything is going smoothly. We should be thankful for the time of rest in our souls. Not only that but we should be thankful in the bad times. When life hurts. When life doesn’t seem all that great. When pain seems to dominate the soul. When the roller coaster car is stuck at the bottom in the dark. These are tough times to be thankful in. But these are the times when the light of Christ shines the brightest. It is in the tough times when our hearts are truly revealed to us and it is in the dark that God mends them with the stitches of the gospel. We must be thankful in the dark times.

So today may you and I be devoted to prayer watchful, vigilant, and attentive in it with thanksgiving.