Job 23:14 For he will complete what he appoints for me, and many such things are in his mind.

I don’t know about you but I am not one who believes in chance or in luck. I believe that all things happen for a purpose and those things are all orchestrated by the hand of God. Romans 8:28 tells us

Rom. 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

We then can understand that whatever God has us going through good or bad it is all for our good. Sometimes though we often wonder where the good is because everything we are encountering is not good. Just like Job. He loses his wealth, he loses his servants, then he loses his children, and then his three friends are no help to him. I am sure that job was wondering how his circumstances are for his good. Maybe this is you today. I know that I have been through this battle on a couple of occasions. So how due we endure trials and tribulation with hope?

First we need to understand that it is from God. He is the the beginning. We waste our trials and tribulations if we don’t believe this is what GOD has for you and myself. . Job 23:14 says He will complete, or He will finish or fulfill. If God then is the one to complete then He must be the one to start. Think about Job chapter 1. God says have you considered my servant Job. You see it was God who put Job on the spot. He was the one who started it. Have you been through some tough trials? Maybe a severe illness, or a life threatening diagnosis? Maybe church hurt, or a family member dies? Take hope brothers and sisters and look up it is your loving Heavenly Father who has begun this work in you, and is using your circumstances to conform you to the image of Christ,

Secondly you and I can have hope when we realize that our tribulations and trials were appointed for us. They were ordained for us, prescribed for us. :like a doctor prescribes medications to the patient, your trial, your pain, your good days, and bad days are no accident, not by chance. They are ordered and orchestrated by the great conductor Himself. This gives us hope that whether life is good at the moment or not so good that God’s sovereign hand is controlling it all. Trust me I Know that it is hard to find hope when trials and tribulation seem to be around every corner. This is why we need each other. We need others to come and point us to the hope we have in Christ and the gospel. We need others to come and row the boat when we are to weak to row. Others to carry us in prayer when we don’t know what to pray.

Dear Christ follower may we have hope today, knowing that our savior lives and intercedes for us, May we have hope in knowing that we are forgiven at the cross. May we have hope in knowing that what we are going through good or bad is meant to conform you and I to the image of Christ. May we have hope in knowing that whatever circumstances befall you and I that we are in the sovereign hand of the Almighty God who has prescribed our days and will complete what He has appointed. You fill in the blank, Have you considered my servant ___________?